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  1. Blood Brothers

  2. In Her Fire

  3. Bastard Child

  4. Dark Valley

  5. Take Me Up

  6. Into The Light

  7. Tomorrow Heaven

  8. The Refugee

  9. Goodbye Douglas Mawson

Andy Szikla Bio

Neil Rogers, 3RRR

Henry Reese, 4ZZZ

Matt Coyte, Rolling Stone

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 The Players:

Andy Szikla: Lead Vocal, Acoustic, Electric, Slide and Pedal Steel Guitars,
Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Piano, Organ, Harmonium, String Synthesiser, Wind,
Xylophone, Percussion, Drum Programming, Backing Vocals 4,5,8,9
Matt Harding: Backing Vocals 1,7,9
Rick Plumridge: Drum Programming 1, Backing Vocals 1,7,9
Kerri Simpson: Guest Vocal on “Take Me Up”
Irene Szikla: Backing Vocals 1,5,8,9

All songs by Andy Szikla ©2013
Album Arranged, Produced and Engineered by Andy Szikla
All Audio Recorded with Szikla Prodigal Recording Pre-Amp,

Mixed by David Nicholas for Rhinoceros Music
Mastered by Don Bartley for Benchmark Mastering

Cover Pic by Melody -

Thanks to Rick for a huge amount of crucial help, advice and enthusiasm, as well as the use of his wonderful photographs in the CD booklet. Thanks to Melody for her extraordinary cover shots. Thanks to Rick, Matt, Irene and Kerri for the use of their magnificent voices. Thanks to Simon Kennedy for the use of his SK Redneck Fretless Bass on "Tomorrow Heaven". Thanks to David Nicholas for lending his prodigious talents to the final sound of this record, and to Don Bartley for his excellent Mastering of the result. Thanks to Tony Saad for enduring friendship and help with the Vids, and also Robin McKay for sage advice with same. Thanks to Jordie Albiston for valuable help and feedback. Thanks to David Vodicka at Rubber Records who believed in this album all the way through from the first demo.


This album is dedicated to my mother Gwenda Kathleen Szikla, 1917-2007
and my father Steven Andrew Szikla, 1924-2011

all images words and music ©2012 Andy Szikla